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Manuel Nanouris


Manuel Nanouris, born in Athens, Greece 1988, is a vibrant artist currently based in London.


His focus on the male form and beauty are elevated by his unique take on contemporary techniques. With raw brush strokes and a particular emphasis on the subjects eyes he is able to capture emotion and depth. His use of oils mixed with other mediums has led to his stand out pieces featuring the use of condoms as well as other unique materials.


From a young age Manuel was surrounded by creativity, his father a sculptor in Athens encouraged his passion supporting his dream.


After graduating with a Master Degree of Arts from Athens School of Fine Arts in 2013, he attended The University de Barcelona for additional studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts under the Erasmus Scholarship.


Since, he has travelled internationally both painting and exhibiting his work. He most recently showed in Provincetown 2022, Miami Beach 2022, 2021 & 2019, London (Parallax Art Fair) 2019 and The Brick Lane Gallery in London 2017.

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